Waku Waku 7 Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Dream Waltz (Tesse's Theme) Aenaida 1:17 77 Normal Play
Fight! Super Adventure Boy (Rai's Theme) Aenaida 1:08 57 Normal Play
Forest of Memories (Mauru's Theme) Aenaida 1:02 58 Normal Play
Go! Go! Politank-Z (Politank-Z's Theme) Aenaida 0:57 63 Normal Play
Portrait of Fate (Slash's Theme) Aenaida 1:03 72 Normal Play
The Excitement Never Stops (Arina's Theme) Aenaida 0:58 74 Normal Play
The Sun Sets Again (Dandy J's Theme) Aenaida 1:07 71 Normal Play
Waku Waku Battle! (Character Select) CrystalForce 0:54 65 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 8
BRSTM Downloads: 537
Average Downloads: 67.13 dls/BRSTM