Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Rally The Heroes Doctor_Arcfire 2:07 120 Custom Play
Rejuvenescência BassSinger313 1:29 169 Custom Play
Situation Critical Doctor_Arcfire 4:27 92 Custom Play
The World Could Always Use More Heroes Doctor_Arcfire 5:07 214 Custom Play
Victory / Play of the Game / Post-Game Screen Doctor_Arcfire 2:55 220 Custom Play
We Move Together As One BassSinger313 1:54 332 Custom Play

Developer(s): Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher(s): Blizzard Entertainment

Composer(s): Derek Duke,Neal Acree

Arranger(s): Derek Duke,Neal Acree

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Total BRSTMs: 2
BRSTM Downloads: 501
Average Downloads: 250.50 dls/BRSTM