Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Battlefield - Scatter About [Secret Boss Battle] Soneek 1:05 31 Normal Play
Battlefield - Scatter About ~Arranged~ Soneek 3:33 27 Custom Play
Battlefield ~ Guardians of the Sorrowful Ice TheUltimateKoopa 1:43 1 Normal Play
Heaven's Governor Wobuffet3 2:40 7 Normal Play
Scene ~ Cherry Trees and Wings TheUltimateKoopa 1:55 0 Normal Play
Town ~ Beautiful and Sublime Lands TheUltimateKoopa 0:33 0 Normal Play
Town ~ The Wind Doesn't Draw Heroes TheUltimateKoopa 0:41 0 Normal Play

Developer(s): Atlus, Lancarse

Publisher(s): Atlus

Composer(s): Yuzo Koshiro

Arranger(s): Yuzo Koshiro

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Total BRSTMs: 6
BRSTM Downloads: 59
Average Downloads: 9.83 dls/BRSTM