JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Fitting Time & Place are Necessary (Stage Select) lazierbeam 0:32 190 Normal Play
A New Page Has Appeared (Art Viewer) lazierbeam 0:46 66 Normal Play
A True Warrior (Wham's Theme) lazierbeam 1:29 181 Normal Play
Aggression and Victory (Jean-Pierre Polnareff's Theme) lazierbeam 1:14 262 Normal Play
Arrivederci! (Bruno Buccellati's Theme) lazierbeam 1:37 154 Normal Play
Dawn of Destiny (Enrico Pucci's Theme) lazierbeam 1:35 230 Normal Play
DIO's World (DIO's Theme) lazierbeam 1:18 416 Normal Play
Does That Mean I Got Stronger Again!? (Koichi Hirose's Theme) lazierbeam 1:32 109 Normal Play
Faith in Truth (Pannacotta Fugo's Theme) lazierbeam 1:40 126 Normal Play
GO! GO! ZEPPELI (Gyro Zeppeli's Theme) freezestar 1:34 212 Custom Play
Go..."Sex Pistols!" (Guido Mista's Theme) lazierbeam 1:45 92 Normal Play
Gold Experience (Giorno Giovanna's Theme) lazierbeam 1:30 149 Normal Play
Golden Spirit (Josuke Higashikata's Theme) lazierbeam 1:15 557 Normal Play
Harvest (Shigekiyo Yangu's Theme) lazierbeam 1:18 89 Normal Play
HELL 2U! (Mohammed Abdul's Theme) lazierbeam 1:30 151 Normal Play
Heritage for the Future (Jotaro Kujo's Theme) lazierbeam 1:27 414 Normal Play
Hierophant Green (Noriaki Kakyoin's Theme) lazierbeam 1:29 145 Normal Play
His Name is Anasui (Narciso Anasui's Theme) lazierbeam 1:35 134 Normal Play
His Name is Diavolo (Diavolo's Theme) lazierbeam 1:58 192 Normal Play
How Does It Feel? (Victory!) lazierbeam 0:21 456 Normal Play
I Want to See the Starlight (Jolyne Kujo's Theme) lazierbeam 1:30 127 Normal Play
KILL A (Kosaku Kawajiri's Theme) lazierbeam 1:23 348 Normal Play
Kiss of Love and Revenge (Hermes Costello's Theme) lazierbeam 1:32 133 Normal Play
Light Mode (Kars's Theme) lazierbeam 1:51 187 Normal Play
LISA LISA (Lisa Lisa's Theme) lazierbeam 1:30 215 Normal Play
Lonely Youth (Caesar Antonio Zeppeli's Theme) lazierbeam 1:28 471 Normal Play
Lovable Guy (Old Joseph Joestar's Theme) lazierbeam 1:13 125 Normal Play
Luck & Pluck (Jonathan Joestar's Theme) lazierbeam 1:42 182 Normal Play
MEGYAN (Hol Horse's Theme) lazierbeam 1:13 161 Normal Play
New York's JoJo (Joseph Joestar's Theme) lazierbeam 1:39 262 Normal Play
Now Loading (Versus Screen) Jehezkeiru 0:08 220 None Play
OPEN THE GAME (Mode Select) lazierbeam 0:50 194 Normal Play
Pink Dark Boy (Rohan Kishibe's Theme) lazierbeam 1:29 235 Normal Play
Spirit of Emptiness (Vanilla Ice's Theme) lazierbeam 1:36 153 Normal Play
Surpass My Aniki (Okuyasu Nijimura's Theme) lazierbeam 1:37 110 Normal Play
That's the Phantasmagorical Fool of the Sand! (Iggy's Theme) lazierbeam 1:43 149 Normal Play
The Disturbing ACDC (ACDC's Theme) lazierbeam 1:33 106 Normal Play
Then, Could You Tell Me...Who Am I? (Part 8 Josuke's Theme) lazierbeam 1:39 143 Normal Play
They Are All Those of "Justice" (Funny Valentine's Theme) lazierbeam 1:31 287 Normal Play
To Live (Story Select) lazierbeam 0:47 93 Normal Play
Tusk (Johnny Joestar's Theme) lazierbeam 1:26 205 Normal Play
Ultimate Weapon Baoh (Ikuro Hashizawa's Theme) lazierbeam 1:13 191 Normal Play
Ultra Super Guitarist (Akira Otoishi's Theme) lazierbeam 1:36 118 Normal Play
Volare Via! (Narancia Ghirga's Theme) lazierbeam 1:46 117 Normal Play
Weakling, weakling! (Dio Brando's Theme) lazierbeam 1:50 138 Normal Play
Who Will Judge (Character Select) lazierbeam 0:32 234 Normal Play
Yoshikage Kira Just Wants a Quiet Life (Yoshikage Kira's Theme) lazierbeam 1:33 192 Normal Play
Zeppeli the Eccentric (Will A. Zeppeli's Theme) lazierbeam 1:41 109 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 48
BRSTM Downloads: 9530
Average Downloads: 198.54 dls/BRSTM