Tales of Xillia 2
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Victory For You Soneek 0:18 167 Normal Play
Betting on the Last Guide Soneek 2:35 99 Normal Play
Betting on the Last Guide (No Intro) Soneek 1:31 157 Normal Play
Break the Time Factor Soneek 2:06 125 Normal Play
Continue Protecting, With Hammer in Hand Soneek 1:18 79 Normal Play
Empty Street Muggshotter 2:30 48 Normal Play
Feast with Those Who Transcend Dimensions Soneek 2:42 227 Normal Play
Following One's Own Purpose Soneek 2:17 91 Normal Play
Food is the Cornerstone of Culture Muggshotter 1:44 59 Normal Play
For the Right World Soneek 1:16 105 Normal Play
For the Sake of Mutual Proof Soneek 2:08 149 Normal Play
Go Through, Like a Bullet Soneek 1:29 93 Normal Play
He Who Protects His Land Soneek 1:55 62 Normal Play
If It's For You ~Song 4 u~ Soneek 2:10 825 Normal Play
Keep Pushing, Until the Sword is Exhausted Soneek 1:13 375 Normal Play
Setting Off on a Journey to the Great Seas Muggshotter 1:38 48 Normal Play
Shell Release Muggshotter 0:15 91 Normal Play
Splendid Dance Performance of a Spirit Soneek 3:10 73 Normal Play
Splendid Dance Performance of a Spirit (No Intro) Soneek 1:51 128 Normal Play
The Bridge That Connects the Worlds Muggshotter 1:40 59 Normal Play
The Bridge That Leads to the World Muggshotter 1:31 52 Normal Play
The Illustrious Spirius Corp. Muggshotter 2:16 66 Normal Play

Developer(s): Namco Tales Studio

Publisher(s): Namco Bandai Games

Composer(s): Motoi Sakuraba

Arranger(s): Motoi Sakuraba

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Total BRSTMs: 22
BRSTM Downloads: 3178
Average Downloads: 144.45 dls/BRSTM