Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
An Oasis in Time (Bath of Tefnut Stage) Xerom 3:13 118 Normal Play
An Oasis of Blood (Bath of Sekhmet Stage) Xerom 2:38 129 Normal Play
Anti-Skullgirls Labs Skyth 3:06 265 Normal Play
Chamber Below (Gehenna Stage) Xerom 3:10 74 Normal Play
Character Select (Pick of the Litter) LolCakeLazors 3:09 1905 Custom Play
Clear Breeze (New Meridian Rooftops Stage) Xerom 3:06 225 Normal Play
Destiny in Her Hands (Rooftops Assault Stage) Xerom 3:23 95 Normal Play
Grand Cathedral (Dirge of the Divine Trinity) LolCakeLazors 6:00 252 Normal Play
Main Titles (Pedestrians Crossing) LolCakeLazors 3:12 569 Normal Play
Moonlit Melee (Streets of New Meridian Stage) kyokoropamuyo 3:02 1017 Normal Play
New Meridian Skyth 3:04 260 Normal Play
NMO Arena [Old Version] Maverick Hunter 2:22 110 Normal Play
Paved With Good Intentions (Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8 Stage) kyokoropamuyo 3:05 220 Normal Play
Royal Canopy Waltz (Glass Canopy Stage) Xerom 2:43 85 Normal Play
Schmeebop Xerom 1:30 225 Normal Play
Skull Heart Arrhythmia (Final Atrium Stage) LolCakeLazors 6:00 797 Normal Play
The Crowd Goes Home (NMO Arena Empty Stage) Xerom 3:04 258 Normal Play
The Crowd Goes Wild (NMO Arena) OvisCantus 2:42 620 Normal Play
The Crowd Goes Wild (NMO Arena) [Beta] Maverick Hunter 2:43 87 Normal Play
The Dreams We Left Behind (Nightmare Crest Stage) Xerom 2:44 244 Normal Play
The Fish Man's Dance (Little Innsmouth Stage) LolCakeLazors 5:14 266 Normal Play
The Lives We Left Behind (Maplecrest Stage) LolCakeLazors 4:42 849 Normal Play
Tutorial: Class Notes LolCakeLazors 6:06 289 Normal Play
Unfinished Business (Under the Bridge) Electropolitan 5:59 110 Normal Play
Where Money Flows Like Water (River King Casino Stage) Xerom 3:16 245 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 24
BRSTM Downloads: 9204
Average Downloads: 383.50 dls/BRSTM