Tales of Destiny 2
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Resolution Soneek 1:07 76 Normal Play
Coup De Grbce Innerscope 1:34 100 Normal Play
Dona Nobis Pacem Innerscope 1:19 72 Normal Play
Theme of Battle ~Arranged~ Soneek 3:45 79 Normal Play
Vive Memor Mortis Soneek 1:12 60 Normal Play
Wheel of Fortune (Golden Sun Soundfont) Soneek 1:26 93 Normal Play
Wheel of Fortune ~Arranged~ Soneek 3:21 146 Normal Play

Developer(s): Namco Tales Studio

Publisher(s): Namco

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Total BRSTMs: 7
BRSTM Downloads: 626
Average Downloads: 89.43 dls/BRSTM